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Working with Studies

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For the most part, everything you do in the Workstation, is done with studies. In fact, you will likely find yourself frequently repeating these steps in the DICOM Explorer:

1.Retrieve a study from your PACS to the local store (My Studies). Alternatively, you can import DICOM files from your file system to the local store.
2.Search for the study locally.
3.Open the study for viewing, or do something else with the study, like send it to another workstation, etc.

As a general rule, you need to retrieve or import studies into the local store in order to do anything with them. This is why, when you are searching through studies on another server, many of the buttons on the study browser toolbar are disabled. The one exception to this rule is that when a study resides on a ClearCanvas ImageServer, studies can be opened for viewing directly from the server via streaming.


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