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Working with Local Files

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You can work with DICOM files on your file system from the My Computer tab in the Explorer, which behaves similarly to the classic Windows Explorer.

1.Browse to the folder where your files are located.
2.Select the files and/or folders with which you want to work. You can hold CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple items.
3.Right Click on your selection and choose the action you wish to import.
Open - Opens the selected files and/or folders for viewing. DICOMDIR files are not supported, although you can just open the folder containing the studies directly.
Import - Imports the selected files into the local store.
Filter Study - Loads the selected files into Study Filters, allowing you to filter and sort on the DICOM headers in the files.
DICOM Dump/Editor - Loads the selected files into the DICOM Dump/Editor tool, allowing you to view the DICOM headers in the files.

Please note that a number of the more advanced features in the Workstation, such as study attachments, prior studies and key images, only work with studies in the local store.  If you want to use such features, you should import the files into the local store from here.


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