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ClearCanvas Workstation v13.1 Personal

Part of the ClearCanvas RIS/PACS


Synaptive Medical

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ClearCanvas Workstation v13.1 Personal is a standalone PACS viewer application with value-added features intended for use in a clinical setting.  Depending on your license, these premium features may or may not be available for use.


Premium Feature


Hanging Protocols

Allows users to create and update hanging protocols (includes support for automatic hanging of current and prior studies).

Easel (Easy Image Selection)

Allows images to be laid out quickly and exactly the way users want, with the least possible amount of mouse movement and clicks.

Media Writing

Allows patient imaging studies to be stored on CD, DVD and Blu-ray for distribution to patients and other clinicians.


Allows patient images to be printed to film for review (includes a "true size" option suitable for use with orthopedic templates).


Provides HIPAA compliant audit trail on patient data access.

Password Protection

Provides secure Windows-based login for the Workstation.

DICOM PDF Attachments

Provides the ability to view and attach PDF reports to a patient's study.

3D Projection

Provides ability to view any cross sectional series in 3D using maximum and minimum intensity projection (MIP and MinIP).

In-place Multiplanar Reconstruction

Provides ability to reformat any cross sectional series in the same workspace as the original study.

Digital Subtraction

Provides enhanced visibility of contrast agent on images by masking the pixel data with pre-contrast images.

Spine Labeling

Provides spatial identification of human vertebrae.

Standardized Uptake Values

Allows users to measure SUV using the ROI measurement tools.

JPEG 2000 Support

Allows the Workstation to receive and view DICOM studies compressed with JPEG 2000.

DICOM Batch Editing

Allows users to edit DICOM files to perform corrections such as changing patient demographics and spliting/merging studies.

Multilingual Support

Allows users to use the Workstation in their native language.

(For a more complete list of features, see the Image Viewer section).

We hope you enjoy using ClearCanvas Workstation and we thank you for your continued support.



ClearCanvas Workstation, Personal - User's Guide
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