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Updating Key Images

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Editing Measurements and Annotations

Initially, measurements and text annotations on existing key images are read-only. To make changes to a pre-existing measurement or annotation, right click graphic and select Unlock Annotation. This will allow you to edit the measurement and/or text. ROI measurements analysis callouts are recalculated and updated automatically. These changes are temporary and will be lost if you change the display set or close the viewer. To save the new updated key images, see the next section.

Important Note

In order to ensure the accuracy of any ROI measurement, the text in the ROI callout will be updated automatically when you make changes to a pre-existing measurement. Only callout objects that are associated with the measurement in the presentation state can be updated in this way. Text annotations that are not associated with the ROI measurement are not updated, even if the text contains manually entered measurement results that refer to a given measurement, will not be updated.

Saving Updated Key Images

Once saved, the key images are read-only. However, you can recall existing key images, make edits, and save them as an update that will appear as another key image series in the study, alongside the original. This process is exactly the same as creating key images, except you are doing to this to a pre-existing key image, rather than the original image.

1.Show the key image display set that you want to edit.
2.Make your desired changes to the key image (for example, unlocking an annotation and refining its shape and position).
3.On the main toolbar, click Create Key Image, or simply hit the Space Bar.
4.If the key image was created successfully, you should see the Create Key Image icon "flash up" in the image for a brief moment. The Key Images shelf will also automatically open.

5.From the Key Images shelf, you can also reorder or delete items in the document, and edit the key image information.
When taking new key images (i.e. captures of images which are not part of an existing key image series), you can control whether they are added to a new document or appended to an existing document by changing the selection at the top of the Key Images shelf.

Technical Notes

Because the key image and presentation state are DICOM objects, they become read only once they are created and added to the study. Even if you subsequently update the key image, the existing DICOM objects are part of the permanent record and cannot be updated and new objects must be created. The only way to "overwrite" the previous version is to save the new key image series and delete the previous series. You would have to do this on both the local store of the Workstation as well as any PACS that the key images may have been published to.


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