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Most of the tools in the Workstation have support for undo/redo. This includes all the tools that affect the layout of images, the geometric transformations such as zoom and pan, stacking through a series of image, adjustments to the window/level, changes to measurement and annotation graphics (e.g. ROIs), and more.

There is a limit of 100 operations in the undo/redo command history.

A fresh workspace has an empty undo/redo command history.

Changing the layout adds a command to the undo/redo command history.

Stacking through a series of images is also an undoable operation.

Clicking on undo once will take you back to the image you were viewing earlier. Note that you can now also redo the stacking command.

Clicking on undo again will undo the change to the layout. Clicking on redo now will change the layout again.


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