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Diagnostic Package

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When obtaining support for the Workstation, you may be asked to provide information about your system. You can speed up this process by creating a packaging containing non-personal diagnostic information by selecting Help > Create Diagnostic Package from the main menu.

Important Note

Do not save the diagnostic package file in the Workstation installation folder. This will cause the application to show a message stating "Warning: This installation has been modified" due to the presence of the unrecognized file.

We at Synaptive Medical respect your privacy, and only collect information which we consider useful for diagnosing the issue. The diagnostic package tool will collect the following information, and is stored in a plain text file so that you can review it before submitting it to Support.


Motherboard (manufacturer and model only)
Processor(s) (manufacturer and model only)
Memory capacity and usage
Displays and video adapters (manufacturer and model only)
Optical drives (manufacturer and model only)
Hard drives (manufacturer and model only)
Network adapters


Operating system (including service packs and updates)
Microsoft .NET Framework (including service packs and updates)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (including service packs and updates)
Microsoft Feature Packs and updates (e.g. Windows Feature Pack for Storage)
Microsoft SQL Server (including service packs, updates and tools)
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (including service packs and updates)
Current Windows user (name and roles)

ClearCanvas Workstation information

Product information (excluding license key)
Workstation configuration
Workstation service status and configuration
List of installed files (excluding DICOM images in the file store)


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