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Study Filters

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Sometimes, you may need to view the DICOM headers for a large number of files simultaneously so that you can filter them and perform operations on a selection of images. The Study Filters feature displays the various properties and DICOM attribute values of the selected files in a tabular form with easy-to-use filters and operations.

Starting Study Filters

To start Study Filters, select Tools > Utilities > Study Filters from the main menu and select a folder containing the DICOM files with which you wish to work. Alternatively, you can browse to the folder using the local file explorer and activate Study Filters from the context menu:

1.Go to the My Computer tab.
2.Right-click on the file(s) of interest and select Open with Study Filters. Screenshot

Study Filters can also be accessed from the DICOM Explorer's study browser, and is invoked in exactly the same way as opening studies for viewing.

Customizing the View

You can add and remove displayed columns in Study Filters by clicking on the Add/Remove Columns Tool. The dialog allows you to pick from a selection of columns for file properties and DICOM tags defined in DICOM 2008, or to select DICOM private tags by manually entering the tag's group and element values. The list on the right side shows the selected columns and allows you remove or reorder columns.


Sorting and Filtering Items

Filters are defined on the drop down menu for each column. Simply click on the drop down button on the column header and select individual values from the list or enter values with which to compare. Sorting is also accomplished by selecting the desired sort order from the drop down menu.


When entering values into the filters, the column will parse the input according to the expected data type. For example, the file size column will accept numeric values as well as those followed by kB, MB, and other units. DICOM date/time columns will accept DICOM formatted dates and times, as well as values formatted according to your local system's date/time formats.

Adding/Removing Items

Filtering does not permanently remove the items from the complete list. However, if you actually want to remove some items from the list or if you want to add more items to the list from other folders, the Add Items and Remove Items tools are available on the toolbar.

Other Tools



Export Copy

Exports the selected files directly to the specified output directory without anonymization.

Export Anonymized

Anonymizes and exports the selected files to the specified output directory.

Open in Viewer

Opens the selected images in a viewer workspace.

Import to Local File Store

Queues the selected files to be imported into the local store.

Additionally, your edition also contains the following premium tools:



Batch Edit

Opens the selected files in the DICOM editor.





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