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Stacking and Sorting Images

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Stacking Through a Display Set

Stacking is the process of paging through the images in a display set, colloquially known as a stack. There are a number of ways to achieve this:

1.Select the Stack Tool, and drag up and down on the display set with the left mouse button.

2.Scroll up and down on the display set using the mouse wheel. For convenience, this method is available anytime regardless of the selected tool.
3.Drag the scroll bar at the side of each display set (the scroll bar is only visible if there is more than one image in the display set).
4.Click on the scroll bar at the side of each display set. Clicking at either end will step through the images while clicking in the middle will jump you to that position.

Sorting the Stack

It is often useful to be able to sort the images in a display set by various criteria, such as image number or slice location. To do this:

1.Select the display set to be sorted.
2.Select the sort criteria from the drop-down beside the Stack button. The sort order of the currently selected display set will be checked in the drop-down.


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