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Sending Series

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Sometimes, it may be desirable to send only select series for a given study.

1.In the Servers pane (My Studies), select the study from which you wish to send series.
2.Click View Series Details.
3.Select the series which are to be sent. You can Ctrl-Click to select multiple (individual) series, or Shift-Click to select a range.

4.Click Send Series on the toolbar, or right-click and select Send Series.
5.In the dialog box that appears, select the remote server (or server group) you wish to send to.
6.Click OK. An alert message will appear in the bottom right corner of the window indicating that the send has been scheduled. You can click on the alert link to open the Activity Monitor if you want to see the send progress, or you can open it at a later time via the Tools menu.

In the Activity Monitor, for all the series you chose to send, there will be only 1 work item in the table.

When the work item completes successfully, all the series you selected have been sent.

Important Note

Due to technical limitations in DICOM, there is no way for the receiver to know that only part of the study was sent, which could lead to patient misdiagnosis due to incomplete information. Therefore, it is recommended that the send series function be used with great care and attention. If you have any uncertainty about what you are doing, simply send the entire study.


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