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Saving Key Images

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You will notice that there is currently no way to explicitly save key images. This is because the Workstation always publishes them automatically once the viewer workspace is closed. The following is a description of the logic that determines where the key images for a given study are published to:

If the study was loaded from the local store, the key image data will be imported into it.
Provided the configuration option is enabled, key images corresponding to a local study whose source server exists in the Workstation's server list, will be published to the source server. This covers the typical case where a study has been retrieved to the local machine from another DICOM server.
If the study was loaded from an installation of ClearCanvas ImageServer via streaming, the key image data will be sent to that server in the interest of keeping the study data synchronized.

Once published, you can query the appropriate server(s) to ensure the key images were actually sent/imported. In the local case, you should see the Instances value increase by at least 2 and there should be at least 3 values for Modality (e.g. CT\PR\KO) as shown below.

Note that all the key images you create in a viewer session for a given study will be part of the same KO series.



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