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Retrieving Series

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Sometimes, it may be desirable to retrieve only select series for a given study.

1.In the Servers pane, select the server you wish to query.
1.Enter the appropriate search criteria in the Search pane.
2.Click Search.
3.In the study browser, select the study from which you wish to retrieve series.
4.Click View Series Details.
5.Select the series which are to be retrieved. You can Ctrl-Click to select multiple (individual) series, or Shift-Click to select a range.

6.Click Retrieve Series on the toolbar, or right-click and select Retrieve Series. An alert message will appear in the bottom right corner of the window indicating that the retrieve has been scheduled. You can click on the alert link to open the Activity Monitor if you want to see the retrieve progress, or you can open it at a later time via the Tools menu.

In the Activity Monitor, for all the series you chose to retrieve, there should be only 2 work items in the table; one for the "retrieve" operation you initiated, and one for processing and importing the received images into the local store.

When at least one image has been received (and imported), the study will appear in the DICOM Explorer (My Studies). When both of the work items complete successfully, the selected series have been retrieved; you can then search for the study you want and open it.

Note that, if you open the study from the DICOM Explorer before the selected series have been fully received/imported, what you see in the viewer is incomplete.

Important Note

Due to technical limitations in the DICOM Standard, it is not feasible to determine whether the whole study has been retrieved, or only a few select series. Therefore, it is advised that series retrieval be done with care and attention. An incomplete study could lead to patient misdiagnosis, due to incomplete information. If there is ever any doubt regarding the completeness of a study, it is best to retrieve the entire study again.


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