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Re-indexing the File Store

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It is unlikely you will ever need to re-index the file store, unless you have changed the file store location. However, if there are ever any concerns about the integrity of the studies in the file store, you can perform a re-index to scan the files in the file store and rebuild the local database. A re-index can be started via:

The main menus (Tools > Re-index File Store)
The Activity Monitor quick link(s)


You can see the re-index progress in the Activity Monitor. While the re-index is in progress, the title bar over the study list (My Studies) will say "Re-indexing" as shown below.

Studies will appear in My Studies as the re-index progresses. Note, however, that any work items you create for a study (e.g. DICOM Send) will wait for the re-index to complete before they begin processing.

Re-index operations can be safely canceled and restarted at a later time if it is taking too long. Any studies that have already been re-indexed will appear, along with those that have not. Those that have not are simply restored to the state they were in before the re-index started.

Important Notes

Re-index requires all in progress work items to complete before it can start, and no other work items can start while the re-index is in progress. Since re-indexing a large file store could take a very long time, it is recommended you do this in off-hours.
When a re-index is canceled, any existing studies that had not yet been processed are restored to their previous state (before re-index started). Note that, if your concern is one of study integrity, you should make sure to restart the re-index at a later time and allow it to complete.


If you are having problems re-indexing the database, you can manually reset it. To do so, first make sure the Workstation and local service are not running. Delete the file dicom_store.sdf in %PROGRAMDATA%\ClearCanvas_Inc\ClearCanvas Workstation General. Restart Workstation and the local service and start a re-index.

%PROGRAMDATA% is a Microsoft Windows environment variable.


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