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This is a premium feature and may not be available in all installations.


The Workstation supports sending images to be printed on DICOM-compliant film printers.

Important Note

In previous versions of the Workstation, the text overlay was unconditionally turned off to avoid exporting patient information. This is no longer the case, and the visibility of the text overlay in exported images is the same as it was at the time of capture from the viewer. You can determine whether or not the text overlay is on or off for an individual item in the clipboard by hovering over it with the mouse and inspecting the values in the tooltip.

Basic Printing

To print a single image or an entire display set in sequential order:

1.Right click the image or display set you wish to print (alternatively, click the DICOM Print button on the toolbar).
2.Select the appropriate option depending on whether you want to print only the currently selected image or the entire display set in sequential order. If you wish to print images from different display sets together, or to reorder the images in a custom manner, please see Clipboard Printing.
3.The DICOM Print dialog will appear. If there is more than one configured printer, the default printer is automatically selected.
4.Select any desired options for this print job. The initial values for these options are the default values set on the printer's configuration page. Changes to these options only take effect for the current print job and are not saved to the configuration.
5.When you are done, click OK to send the images to the printer.

Important Note

Sending images to a DICOM printer will print physical films that contain patient information. For reasons of patient confidentiality, it is important that physical access to the printer be secured against unauthorized access.

Clipboard Printing

To print images from the ClearCanvas Workstation:

1.Look for the images you would like to print and copy these images to the clipboard.
2.Rearrange items in the clipboard to the order they should be printed.
3.In the clipboard, select one or more images you wish to print. To select more than one item, you may hold Ctrl while clicking to select individual items, hold Shift while clicking to select a range of items, or click and drag to select items.
4.Click the DICOM Print button on the clipboard toolbar, or right-click the selected images and select DICOM Print from the context menu.
If you copied an image to the clipboard with the text overlay ON and then print the clipboard item, the text overlay will appear on the printed film.
The clipboard thumbnail on the screen does not show the overlay because it clutters the thumbnail. To determine whether the overlay is ON or OFF, hover the mouse over the individual clipboard item. A tooltip will appear showing patient/study information as well as the overlay ON/OFF state.

6.The DICOM Print dialog will appear as detailed above.

Important Note

The clipboard can contain images and display sets from multiple patients. If images were copied to the clipboard without their overlay information, it will be difficult to discern on the printed film which image belongs to which patient. ClearCanvas Workstation will show a warning on the print dialog if images from multiple patients are selected for printing. The message will say "Multiple patients have been selected".
To remove images of particular patients from printing, close the print dialog and go back to the clipboard. Hover the mouse over the selected clipboard item and a tooltip will show up providing patient/study information for the image/display set. De-select these clipboard items and click on the DICOM Print tool to continue.


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