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Password Protection

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This is a premium feature and may not be available in all installations.


The full installation of ClearCanvas Workstation, Personal requires a password to be entered on startup in order to safeguard the privacy of any patient information contained in the Workstation. This helps prevent inadvertent exposure of confidential patient data via an unattended computer.

Important Note

This feature should be considered an extra measure of protection and should be used in conjunction with other best practices, such as the selection of a strong password, closing the Workstation application or locking the computer when away from the keyboard, and physically securing access to the computer itself.

Logging In

ClearCanvas Workstation requires you to re-authenticate yourself using the same Windows username and password of the account on which you are running the Workstation. For example, if you normally log in to Windows using the account jsmith, then you would need to enter the password to the jsmith account into the ClearCanvas Workstation login screen. Your password is used immediately to authenticate against Windows, and is not stored or transmitted by the Workstation.

Log in to ClearCanvas Workstation using your normal Windows user account information.


If you login using a Windows Domain, then you will see a slightly different screen, although the same instructions still apply.

If you use a Windows Domain, log in to ClearCanvas Workstation using your domain account information.


The most common problem is mistyping the Windows account password. Please make sure you type the same password you use to log into Windows, and that Caps Lock is off. If you are still having trouble, please contact your system administrator for assistance.


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