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Other Image Manipulation

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There are a number of other image manipulation tools available in the Workstation.

Flipping the Image

The display of the image can be flipped across a vertical or horizontal axis using either the Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal Tool.

Rotating the Image

The display of the image can be rotated in 90 degree increments in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction using the Rotate Clockwise 90 Degrees and the Rotate Counter-Clockwise 90 Degrees Tools.

Inverting the Image

The image can be inverted such that low values are brighter and high values are darker using the Invert Tool. Note that, although you can use it, this tool doesn't generally make sense when applied to a colour image.

Resetting the Image

All operations affecting the geometric orientation, position and magnification of the image can be reset in one click with the Reset Tool (that is, essentially everything except measurements, window/level and invert). Please keep in mind that you can also undo individual operations.


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