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Opening Studies via Streaming

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ClearCanvas Workstation, when used with ClearCanvas ImageServer provides Image Streaming, allowing studies to be opened directly from a remote server. Streaming is a superior mechanism versus traditional DICOM for a number of reasons, including:

Studies are stored centrally and can be opened over the network directly from the remote server.
Does not require that the client application (i.e. ClearCanvas Workstation) have a DICOM server application running in order to send/receive images.
Improves workflow. No need to retrieve studies and wait for them to arrive before they can be viewed.
No need for workstations to have large amounts of free disk space for storing studies.
No duplication of data across multiple workstations and servers.
Improved viewing experience. Since images don't have to be loaded from the local disk (and streamed images are pre-fetched by the Workstation), the stacking experience is much smoother.


To open a study via streaming:

1.In the Servers pane of the DICOM Explorer (which appears by default when you start the application), select the streaming server from My Servers.
2.Search for the desired remote study, the same way you would on any other remote server.
3.Select one or more studies to open. You can Ctrl-Click to select multiple (individual) studies, or Shift-Click to select a range.
4.Click Open on the study browser toolbar, or right-click and select Open. If opening a single study, double-clicking on the study will also work.


Note that you can still retrieve studies from the streaming server, as it is a regular DICOM server with added image streaming capabilities.

Having problems opening studies? See Troubleshooting.



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