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Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR)

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The Multiplanar Reconstruction feature allows users to generate images from additional perspectives using a stack of source images in the same plane. This component functions by building a 3-dimensional volume from the entire stack of images and then interpolating the other views. For example, given only a single axial CT series, both sagittal and coronal series may be generated, as well as other arbitrary orientations known as "obliques".

Using MPR

To open a series in a dedicated MPR Workspace, select the series in the viewer and activate the Open in MPR tool.

Alternatively, you can view directly reformat the series in the current viewer workspace by selecting the series and activating one of the standard views such as Coronal or Sagittal, or by activating the Reslice tool to manually define an oblique view.


There are a few limitations to the current implementation of MPR, and we hope to eliminate these in a future version.

Does not support horizontally gantry tilted images as a source dataset for MPR.

1 A gantry tilted image is one where the imaging plane is not orthogonal relative to the patient coordinate system, and is typically achieved during image acquisition by tilting the apparatus holding the modality's emitter (e.g. x-ray tube) and detector components.


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