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Menu and Toolbar Customization

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The individual tools available on the menus and toolbars in a viewer workspace can be customized via Tools > Customize. This menu item is only available when a viewer workspace is active. Clicking this item launches a dialog containing tabs to configure the toolbar, main menu, and context menu.

Showing/Hiding Tools

Individual menu and toolbar items can be hidden by clearing the checkbox next to each item. To show a previously hidden item, simply recheck the checkbox. Please note that some items may not be hidden, such as menu groups (which will simply not appear all its children are invisible).

Hide tools on the toolbar that you don't use frequently.

Organizing Tools

Tool items can be reorganized by dragging and dropping items in the list.

Drag and drop items to reorder them, or even move them to a different menu group.

Separators may also be inserted by clicking on the Add Separator button in the toolbar, or removed with the Delete button.

Insert separators to visually group related tools.

For the main and context menus, menu groups may also be inserted, renamed, or removed in a similar fashion.

Menu groups may be added for any purpose, such as a top-level menu for very commonly used tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned by clicking in the keystroke text box and pressing the desired shortcut keys. You will be prompted if your selection conflicts with any existing shortcut for another tool. To clear an existing shortcut, click the X button in the text box. Please note that not all keystrokes are recognized, particularly those reserved for the operating system.

Keyboard shortcuts are automatically kept synchronized between the toolbar and the menus.

Simply click inside the text box and then press and hold the desired keys. The display will change instantly based on what keys you are holding down!

Active Mouse Button

Some viewer tools require you to activate the tool first, then click or drag on an image using a certain mouse button. You can change this mouse button by selecting from the drop down in the mouse button section for the active tool.

You can even assign the 4th and 5th mouse buttons if you have a 5-button mouse!

Additionally, you may select a maximum of one tool for each mouse button to be the initially selected tool when you first open a study (that is, you may select up to one "left mouse button" tool, one "right mouse button" tool, etc.). If you have already selected one for the same button, you will be prompted as to which one you wish to keep.

By checking the checkbox, you can have the ruler tool be automatically selected when you open a new study.

Global Mouse Button

You may also choose to assign a mouse button shortcut to access certain frequently-used tools at any time whether or not the tool is actually selected. For example, you may choose to draw a ruler measurement anytime you hold Ctrl and click with the left mouse button, even though the stacking tool is active and also assigned to the left mouse button.

To assign a global shortcut, simply pick the desired mouse button from the drop down and check any keyboard modifiers. You will be warned if there is already another tool with the same global shortcut.

The ruler tool will now be available whenever you hold Ctrl+Alt and click with the 4th mouse button, regardless of what tool is active.

Please note that the mouse button for the active tool will always take precedence over a global shortcut. For example, if you assign the left mouse button as the active button to the stack tool, and you have assigned the left mouse button without any modifiers as a global shortcut to the ruler tool, then you will only get the ruler tool when clicking with the left mouse button and the stack tool (or any other tool on the left mouse button) are not selected. For this reason, it is recommended that you add modifiers to any global shortcut, unless you don't ever assign the same mouse button to an active tool.


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