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Hanging Protocols

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This is a premium feature and may not be available in all installations.


A Hanging Protocol is essentially a set of instructions that tell the Workstation how to lay out a particular type of study when it is opened for viewing. The protocol may contain information about the image box layout, the study and display set to be shown in each image box, and various aspects of the presentation including image orientation and window/level settings.


Important Notes

When using Hanging Protocols, it is important to ensure that:

You have opened the correct study. Hanging Protocols only consider studies performed on the same day as, or prior to, the study you opened when determining applicability. See the Prior Studies and Hanging Protocols sections in the Safety Instructions for more information.
You have all the studies you need for the patient whose study you opened, and they are complete. Use Easel, the context menu, or thumbnail panel to see all the patient's imaging studies if there is any doubt. Be sure to read the Prior Studies and Hanging Protocols sections in the Safety Instructions.
Display sets selected by the Protocol from the patient's current and prior imaging studies are the correct ones from the correct study.
Image presentation parameters, like window/level and orientation, are acceptable/correct. These parameters can be determined from the image text overlay.

Having problems with Hanging Protocols? See Tips & Troubleshooting.


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