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Exploding Tiles

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Recall from the section on laying out images that the viewer contains image boxes, which is what a display set is assigned to, and tiles, which is what individual images in a display set are assigned to. When viewing a display set "tiled" (e.g. more than one tile in an image box), you can quickly switch to a 1x1 tile layout and then back to the "tiled" layout with 2 simple double-clicks.

Here, a display set is being viewed in a tiled layout:


A double-click will explode the selected image into a 1x1 tile layout:


You can stack through and review a few images if you like, and a subsequent double-click on the selected image will "unexplode" and go back to the tiled layout.


Note that you must first set the tile layout to be something other than 1x1 before you can explode tiles.


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