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Open/Close Easel

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To open Easel within an image box at any time:

1.Move the mouse pointer to the top-left corner of an image box.


2.Click on the button that appears at the corner to open Easel.

Easel displays study information in two modes: Study Detail View and Patient History View. You can toggle between these modes by double-clicking on empty space within Easel, or by clicking and located at the top-right corner of the image box.


Single Study View


Patient History View


1.By default, Easel automatically opens in empty image boxes. If desired, this can be turned off in the configuration. You can still access Easel from the top-left corner.


To close Easel,

1.Move the mouse pointer to the top-left corner. A button will appear on top of Easel.


2.Click on the button to close Easel.


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