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Single Study View

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Easel displays study information in two modes: Single Study View and Patient History View. In Single Study View mode, only information about a single study is displayed. It is quicker to select multiple display sets from the same study in this mode than in Patient History View mode.


1.By default, if the viewer was not automatically populated with display sets (e.g. via a Hanging Protocol), Easel displays the Primary study in Single Study View mode initially so the viewer can be quickly laid out, and a Hanging Protocol created, if desired. The Primary study is the one that was opened from the DICOM Explorer.
2.If you prefer the old behaviour where, upon opening, the viewer automatically populates the viewer with display sets from the Primary study, you can enable it via configuration.

What's in Single Study View?



Note: Patient information is only visible if there are other studies that belong to different patients.

Selecting Display Sets

To select a display set from the study,

1. Find the display set thumbnail you want. Use the mouse wheel to scroll down the list if necessary.

2. Click on the display set thumbnail to drop it into the image box.

Note: Easel automatically closes when you select a display set. To open it again in the same image box, move the mouse to the top-left corner and click on the button that appears.

Selecting Different Studies

To select images from another study, switch to the Patient History View first. There are three ways to accomplish this from the Single Study View:

1.(Fastest) Double-click on an empty space.
2.Use the button
3.Click on "+ ... other studies" at the bottom.


1.Depending on the mouse position, the same or a different study will be highlighted when switching to the Patient History View.
2.If you have selected a display set from the current study, it will be highlighted with a green border in the Patient History View.


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