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Deleting Studies

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It is straightforward to delete studies from the Workstation's local store.

1.In the Servers pane of the DICOM Explorer, select My Studies.
2.If you need to find the study (or studies) first, enter the appropriate search criteria in the Search pane and click Search.
3.Select the study (or studies) you wish to delete from the study browser. You can Ctrl-Click to select multiple (individual) studies, or Shift-Click to select a range.
4.Click Delete on the study browser toolbar, or right-click and select Delete.

The study will disappear right away from the study browser, and an alert message will appear in the bottom right corner of the window indicating that the delete has been scheduled. You can click on the alert link to open the Activity Monitor if you want to verify the delete operation processed successfully, or you can open it at a later time via the Tools menu.

In the Activity Monitor, there will be a work item for each study you selected for deletion.


Note also, that you can configure studies to be deleted automatically, rather than having to delete them manually.


Generally, study deletion work items will process very quickly unless the study is extremely large, or there is a backlog of work items to be processed. Regardless, as long as a study is scheduled for deletion, the Workstation treats it as though it has already been deleted; the study will not appear in search results in the study browser.


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