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Deleting Series

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Deleting series from a study is also straightforward.

1.In the Servers pane of the DICOM Explorer, select My Studies.
2.If you need to find the study (or studies) first, enter the appropriate search criteria in the Search pane and click Search.
3.In the study browser, select the study from which you wish to delete series.
4.Click View Series Details.
5.Select the series that are to be deleted. You can Ctrl-Click to select multiple (individual) series, or Shift-Click to select a range.
6.Click Delete Series on the toolbar, or right-click and select Delete Series. Carefully read the warning message that appears before selecting Yes.

An alert message will appear in the bottom right corner of the window indicating that the delete has been scheduled. You can click on the alert link to open the Activity Monitor if you want to verify the delete operation processed successfully, or you can open it at a later time via the Tools menu.

In the Activity Monitor, for all the series you chose to delete, there will be only 1 work item in the table.

In the Series Details, you will notice that the Delete Scheduled column will be checked for each of the series you selected, as shown below. This column does not update automatically once the series are deleted; you can click the Refresh button to see that they were deleted (they will disappear from the table).

Important Note

Deleting series from a study could result in patient misdiagnosis due to incomplete information. If you are unsure about whether or not a series should be deleted, contact your PACS administrator.
Deleting series does not necessarily permanently delete the series from the study. DICOM studies are sent and received to any number of devices, and usually the "official" study resides on a PACS server. Deleting series from Workstation only removes the series from its local store, and the series may still exist elsewhere. Additionally, Workstation automatically sends created DICOM objects, such as key images and PDF attachments to other DICOM devices, so deleting these series from Workstation does not mean they are gone. If you make a mistake and are unsure of how to permanently remove series, contact your PACS administrator.


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