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Local DICOM Server

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The Workstation has a local DICOM Server that listens for and responds to requests from other PACS servers and workstations on your network. If you want to perform DICOM queries, send and receive images, open studies via streaming, etc. from other DICOM devices (i.e, remote Application Entities, or AEs for short), such as PACS servers, PACS workstations (including other installations of ClearCanvas Workstation) and modalities, you will need to configure the Workstation properly.

Although it is normally configured during installation, you can also configure the local DICOM Server's AE Title and listening port from within the Workstation.

1.In the main menu, select Tools > System Configuration > Local > DICOM Server.
2.In the AE Title field, enter an identifying name of some kind. It should be uppercase and should not exceed 16 characters.
3.Do not edit the Port unless you know what you are doing.
4.If you want to be able to retrieve studies from other DICOM devices (e.g. a PACS) to the Workstation, you may need to add this information to the other device's configuration so it knows how to connect to the Workstation in order to send the requested studies to it.




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