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Viewing Audit Logs

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This is a premium feature and may not be available in all installations.


ClearCanvas Workstation, Personal stores HIPAA compliant audit trail messages on the local disk. To locate the audit logs from within the Workstation:

1.Select Help > Show Logs.
2.Double-click on the audit folder to see the audit logs.

The contents of the audit folder will look something like this:

To briefly explain the naming conventions, Audit.log is always the "current" audit log file that is actively being written to by the Workstation. The other files, which are named by date, are logs from previous days. Each calendar day, the "current" log file will be renamed with the previous day's date in it, and a new empty "current" log file will be created. One caveat to this behaviour is if the current file exceeds a certain size limit within a single day, it will "roll over" exactly as described previously. However, the next time the current log file exceeds that size on the same day, or when the next calendar day is reached, the desired file name (with just the date) will already have been used. For this reason, when multiple log files are produced for a single day, the first such file has only the date in its name, and subsequent ones have numbers appended in increasing order (e.g. 1,2,3).

Important Note

Audit logs are never archived or deleted by the software, which means management of them requires some manual intervention. Because you may be required to keep your audit logs for a certain period of time (e.g. for HIPAA), it is highly recommended that you perform frequent backups of the audit logs to a network drive or other storage media, like a CD or DVD. Once you are certain that your audit logs have been backed up successfully, you may consider deleting older logs from the audit folder so that the number of log files does not become excessive.



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