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The dashboard provides the following information:

AE Title, Host name, Port

In the top-left corner of the dashboard, the AE Title, hostname and listening port of the local DICOM server are shown. The AE title and port can be configured directly from the dashboard's System Configuration "quick link" on the right side. The host name is currently not configurable, and will typically be "localhost". See configuring the local DICOM server for more details.

Service Status

The circular green indicator next to the AE Title shows the current status of the local service that processes all the work being done in the background. If this indicator turns red, it means the service is not running, and therefore Workstation is not able to perform any work, such as sending/receiving studies. The service can be restarted via the Tools > Service menu.

Total Studies

The total number of studies currently in the local store. This number updates as studies are added (or removed) from the store.


The total number of work items (in the lower table) that have failed. See work items for more details.

Disk Usage

The total amount of disk space used on the disk/volume on which the file store resides is indicated by a meter, which under normal conditions is blue. However, if the total usage reaches the maximum disk usage:

the meter will turn red, and a warning icon will appear.
An alert will be generated when the problem first occurs, and every time Workstation starts up until the problem is resolved. See configuring study storage for more details on how it can be resolved.

The total usage is also shown above the meter in bytes (e.g. GB=Gigabytes) along with the total disk size, and it is also shown as a percentage.

Important Note

When the maximum disk usage is reached, Workstation will stop importing/receiving DICOM images until the problem is resolved. Studies that were not completely imported/received will have corresponding failed work items in the table. After you have resolved the disk usage problem, you can restart these work items in order to make sure the studies are imported/received completely. In the case of an unsolicited receive (e.g. auto-route or send from another device), these operations cannot be restarted from within Workstation; they must be restarted from the originating device. ClearCanvas ImageServer will automatically retry send operations that failed, but you should still verify that new work items appear (and succeed) for each affected study.

Quick Links

There are also a number of helpful "quick links" on the right side of the dashboard, which are the functions most often accessed by a PACS administrator (for example).

Open file store launches a Windows Explorer window open to the file store location. The path to the file store is shown in the quick link's tooltip.

Re-index file store starts re-indexing the file store.

System Configuration opens the system configuration dialog, where many administrative options are found.

Show logs launches a Windows Explorer window open to the application log directory. This can also be done at any time via Help > Show Logs.


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